Invite Coach Di to Accelerate International Student Inclusion and Success

As a motivational speaker
, Di delivers a lasting impact on international students’ mindset and career beliefs. She has spoken to hundreds of university students and young professionals in China, Cuba, India, St. Lucia, Tanzania, the United States and Vietnam.

As an intercultural trainer, Di instills confidence and teaches know-hows for international students to take the ownership of their career development. She brings over a decade of experience in experiential learning design and facilitation. 

As a role model, Di inspires others with many firsts she has achieved. Grown up in rural China,she was the first to earn a graduate degree in her family; she was the first to study abroad in her hometown;  she was the first international student to carry an American flag at the commencement ceremony at American University; she was the first to hoist an American flag at a Cuban government agency.

As a social entrepreneur, she takes actions to support thousands of international students. She co-founded, a training development initiative specializing in international student inclusion and success.

Di is a trained Co-Active(c) coach from the Coach Training Institute. She holds a master’s in International Development from American University, Washington, DC, a master's in Psycholinguistics and a bachelor's in English Education from Xi'an International Studies University, China. 

Di regularly writes on Forbes, Asia Times and interEDGE blog


To invite Coach Di to speak to your international students, call 201-855-9392 or email 

Di inspires, motivates and teaches international students to

  • Take charge of their job and internship success
  • Overcome their cultural assumptions and mental blocks
  • Develop the success mindset of starting early and learning constantly
  • Sharpen their soft skills from the intercultural perspective
  • Expand potential career pathways in the US and beyond

Di's Workshop Topics

  • Maximizing Your Potential in Times of Uncertainty and Anxiety
  • Sharpening Your Global Career Edge
  • Optimizing Your Career with Intercultural Skills
  • Globalizing Your Career Beliefs
  • Positioning Your Personal Brand for Potential Employers 
  • Advancing Career Success with Cross-cultural Understanding
  • Building and Presenting Confidence Across Cultures
  • Communicating Up and Across
  • Advancing Your Cross-cultural Networking Effectiveness

All workshops can be offered individually, as a series, or as a one-day boot camp.

Both virtual live and campus delivery options are available. 

Di's Engagements Are Ideal For

  • International Student Orientation
  • International Student Welcome Week
  • International Student First Year Experience
  • International Education Week
  • International Student Career Day
  • International Student Association Event
  • (Optional Practical Training) OPT Training
  • Global Leadership Conference
  • Women Leadership Conference
  • Asian American Heritage Month
  • Multicultural Event
  • Staff Development Program
  • Life Skills Program

Di Understand Your International Students

To invite Coach Di to speak to your international students, call 201-855-9392 or email 

Di's Recent Engagements